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Hear how an Australian Educational Institution rectified $4 million in non-compliance by performing a license and technical architecture review. 

UXC Red Rock Licensing - Case Studies

These case studies provide practical insight of how other Oracle customers have handled software license exposures and contract negotiations. Read their stories below.



Leading Global Resources Company 

UXC Red Rock Licensing - Global Resources Company

Business Challenge

One of the world’s largest diversified resource companies, with over 35,000 employees operating in approximately 25 countries, had the challenge of improving performance and scalability of their current systems. The client also faced the difficulty of negotiating contract terms that would allow flexibility for license purchases in the future, while supporting their direction towards a single global instance.


The client’s corporate IT engaged a team of Independent Licensing Specialists to review the current state of their Oracle systems.  SAP was the application running on Oracle and the client’s objective was to apply and re-work a range of Oracle tools to improve the performance and scalability of their current systems.

The Independent Licensing Specialists performed an Oracle license review for the client, incorporating all global entities and business units. Following the license review, the Specialists brokered a Global Agreement with Oracle on behalf of the client that would enable all subsidiaries to procure additional Oracle licenses at the negotiated discounted rate for a 3 year period.


By engaging a team of Independent Licensing Specialists to analyse their current and future licensing requirements, the client was able to negotiate the best contract terms with Oracle that would allow flexibility and savings for future licensing purchases. They realised more than $2.2 million in upfront savings and were able to minimise incremental costs as infrastructure was scaled over time. Through testing and quality assurance, deficiencies in disaster recovery were quickly resolved to ultimately improve reporting capabilities and as a result, overall performance and scalability of their Oracle systems.



Educational Institution – Proactive License Review

UXC Red Rock Licensing - Higher Education Institution

Business Challenge

For this educational institution, advances in server hardware processor core count, a move to VMware virtualisation technology and insufficient controls on software deployment resulted in a significant license shortfall of more than $4 million.


The client engaged a team of Independent Licensing Specialists to perform an Oracle License review that included the client’s original contracts and support renewals.  This was delivered in conjunction with a technical architecture review that analysed the original planned architecture, current state and future needs.


The client successfully avoided a $4 million audit and their environment was scaled to accommodate future growth without incurring significant incremental costs. The revised licensing model allowed the client to remain on their preferred hypervisor platform while re-architecting their environment to make more efficient use of the licenses they owned. This minimised the implications to their project timeline and enabled the same level of functionality without needing to purchase additional software.



Retail Customer – Proactive Oracle License Asset Management

UXC Red Rock Licensing - Retail

Business Challenge

Large variances in users across this retail company created a constant requirement for license purchases, often at times when no budget had been set aside for IT spend.


The client signed up to a Software Asset Management (SAM) program and engaged a team of Independent Licensing Specialists. The SAM program provided the client with customised monthly usage reports to determine the peaks and troughs of their user requirements.


By utilising a custom data collection tool and undertaking monthly analysis, the client was able to determine their actual requirements and ensure they procured the correct quantity of licenses to run their business in a compliant state. The client’s migration to an alternate license metric correlated the need for additional licenses with growth in company revenue, removed the overhead of counting users monthly, and provided a perpetual “price hold” for additional licenses and support. As a result, the client successfully achieved a cost saving of 35% on their licenses.



Media Customer – Oracle License Audit Management

UXC Red Rock Licensing - Media Company

Business Challenge

The client contacted a team of Independent Licensing Specialists after a compliance shortfall was found from an Oracle License Management Services (LMS) audit.


The Independent Licensing Specialists undertook analysis to confirm the accuracy of the findings from the LMS audit. They then provided advice and recommendations around the client’s actual state of compliance and any remediation required.


The client’s non-compliant requirements were reduced by ensuring the Oracle Pricing Policy was correctly applied and measured. As a result, license exposure was reduced by more than $1 million and the client was given a correct and accurate view of their environment, infrastructure and licensing requirements for the future.